4,000 human resources to be mobilised for National Economic Census

April 12, 2018

The Himalayan Times, 11 April 2018


The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) will be mobilising some 4,000 human resources for the National Economic Census that would be carried out for the first time from April 14.

The CBS has already imparted necessary training to 4,000 surveyors for this purpose.

The survey intends to keep record of all enterprises run by the government, and every business and industry run by the private sector.

CBS will collect the details of employment status of a person, their property or investment and debt along with every other detail of small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurs.

It has been estimated that the final report would take around five years to release.

Likewise, District Economic Coordination Committee has been formed in every district under the chairmanship of Chief District Officer for the same.

Director General of the CBS, Suman Raj Aryal, said that the economic census would help the government to formulate necessary policies to make the country prosperous.