Community-police partnership can control crimes: IG Khanal

October 29, 2018

Oct 29, 2018-

Nepal Police on Sunday launched a nationwide ‘Community-Police Partner-ship’ programme to establish a peaceful and secure society.

Speaking at the launch event in Kathmandu, Inspector General (IG) Sarbendra Khanal said, “The increasing cases of crime can be controlled to a large extent if people complained against any possible danger and informed the police about criminal activities going on nearby.”

The programme comes at the time when violence against women and children has increased in the country.

Nepal Police registered 2,439 complaints of crimes against women and children in the FY2016-17 and the year 2017-18 it the figure jumped to 3,255 crimes.

Nepal Police data shows youth in the 16 to 25 age group committed a majority of the crimes last year. Among rape victims last year, 64 per cent were below 18 years.

“Children would be made aware of emergency numbers and places where they can inform and complain about dangerous activities. Ways to save themselves from criminals, their roles in reducing criminal activities, road safety, cyber crimes and illegal drugs,” said IG Khanal.

Nepal Police has said it would set up Police-School Liaison Committee in 35,601 schools that run classes from standard one to 12.

Community-Police Committee’s will be established in every tole, ward, municipality and district.

Besides the new programme, Province 2 has launched a ‘Hello C.M. App’ made by Engineer Aditya Raj. It aims to control violence against women.

“The app shows location and contact of nearby police station. If someone is in danger, they can shake their mobile three times after which the app will contact the nearby police station automatically,” said Aditya.

Chief Minister of Province 2 Mohammad Lalbabu Raut said all households in Province 2 would be informed about the app.

A total of 167 local units have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with local police to carry out the plans stated in the community programme.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya said, “Nepal Police protects public like their own family because of this approach we have a greater duty towards them. Public should help police to perform their duty effectively. A society that practices co-operation between police and public is always safe.

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration Secretary Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said, “The programme should be permanent. Its goal to reduce crimes should be implemented forever.”

Nepal Police plans to increase nationwide surveillance by installing CCTV cameras and 24 hours patrolling. It has also stated to reduce cyber crimes by conducting awareness campaigns.

Speaking at the event in Kathmandu, comedian Manoj Gajurel said, “People can control cyber crimes by avoiding unnecessary posts, giving information about being alone or leaving the house unattended for some days and such bits of information that could encourage criminals. People must be cautious while posting information on social sites.”

The government and Nepal Police have urged citizens to help control alcohol abuse and the fight against illegal

drugs. Various studies list drugs and alcohol as the major reasons for the increase in domestic violence, rape and murder.  

Home Secretary Prem Kumar Rai assured the ministry’s co-operation to police to achieve the community programme’s targets.

Government also asked the public to work as a police officer without uniform.

Nepal Police Headquarters, Provincial Police Headquarters, District Level and Municipal level will monitor the programme and its outcome.



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