Around 44,000 nominations filed for May 14 polls

May 04, 2017

The Kathmandu Post, Prithvi Man Shrestha, 4th May 2017, Kathmandu

The number of nominations filed for the first phase of local level elections is three times more than that of seats up for grabs, the Election Commission (EC) said on Wednesday, a day after parties and individuals filed candidacies for elections to be held in 283 local units of three provinces—3, 4 and 6—on May 14. 

Around 44,000 persons filed their candidacies for 13,556 seats on Tuesday, the EC said. “We are yet to count the number of nominations filed in a few districts. So far, the tally is 43,700,” said EC Secretary Gopinath Mainali. 

On May 14, elections for the posts of chiefs, deputy chiefs, mayors, deputy mayors and ward members will be held in 34 districts (13 in Province 3, 11 in Province 4 and 10 in Province 6).

There are a total of 4,956,925 registered voters in these districts. 

According to EC officials, the poll body is yet to receive the number of candidacies filed in some mountainous districts including Jumla and Humla and other parts where communication is not easy. EC Spokesperson Surya Sharma said the current trend shows the number of candidacies will remain somewhere around 45,000.

In the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, a total of 887 candidates are vying for 162 posts. 

Purusottam Dhakal, chief election officer for Kathmandu, said 28 people have filed candidacies for the post of mayor and 13 for deputy mayor. Others are contesting for the posts of ward chairman and ward member. Similarly, in the Lalitpur Metropolitan City, the total number of individuals who have filed candidacies stands at 637.

According to Bal Mukunda Dawadi, chief election officer for Lalitpur, 17 are vying for the post of mayor while 12 are contesting for the post of deputy mayor.