Aspirant candidate spends Rs 1.5m to open 6km track

May 24, 2017

The Kathmandu Post, Basanta Pratap Singh, 24th May 2017, Bajhang

An aspirant candidate for the chairperson of Surma Village Council in Bajhang has personally spent Rs 1.5 million to open a 6 km track in an apparent bid to attract voters’ attention ahead of the second phase of local elections slated for June 14.

Sher Bahadur Bohara, who is expecting to get the election ticket from CPN-UML to contest for the post of the village council chief, hired two excavators and rallied volunteers to open the track in just two weeks. The villagers had promised Bohara their votes if he built the track before the election.

The Surma villagers had long been requesting the local politicians to build a road, but to no avail. Sher Bahadur fulfilled part of their request by opening a track for the proposed road and that too in two weeks.

Anjana Bohara, of Bhelata, said the villagers are pleased with what Sher Bahadur has done to their village.

Sher Bahadur, meanwhile, does not seem quite at ease with all the accolades and publicity, for his pre-election contribution to the village could be seen as an act of influencing the voters. 

He said that it was not his intention to win votes by opening the track. He also claimed that he had pledged to contribute in the project at least five months ago.