Rs 15.34bn allocated for forest conservation

May 30, 2017

The Himalayan Times, 30th May 2017, Kathmandu

The government today allocated Rs 15.34 billion budget for the conservation of forests through the budget for the next fiscal year.

Reading the budget speech Finance Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara emphasised the conservation of forests and their utilisation for the sustainable development.

The forest of forest conservation comprised: stopping deforestation, minimising wildfires, promoting forest conservation, carbon trade, watershed conservation, natural lakes conservation and establishment of zoological garden, among others.

Along with forest conservation, the government has allocated a sum of Rs 1.92 billion for conservation of the fragile Chure land as per the approved master plan of President Chure Tarai Madhes Conservation Development Board. The government has also managed a sum of Rs 7.65 billion for environment conservation for the coming fiscal year.

Similarly, the government has tried to assure the denizens of Kathmandu Valley claiming that the water supply from Melamchi will begin from October this year on the occasion of Dashain the greatest festival of Nepal.

Allocating Rs 6.57 billion for infrastructure construction for Melamchi Water Supply, Finance Minister Mahara said Melamchi will begin supplying 170 million litres of water per day from October this year.

After completion of the first phase the valley denizens will be supplied water. Then the second phase work of Melamchi will start, which will add 340 million litres water per day to the 170 MLD of the first phase. The government has a target of supplying altogether 510 million litres water per day from Melamchi Water Supply Project by 2021/22.

Likewise, the government has announced the next year as year of Water Supply and Sanitation. The government has set the target of covering 13 per cent population that is deprived of basic drinking water facility within two years.

On the topic of drinking water and sanitation comprising Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project as well as Tarai-Madhes Drinking Water Improvement, the government has allocated a sum of Rs 22.70 billion in the budget.

Similarly, the government said air pollution monitoring stations will be established in various parts of the country, new technology will be introduced to minimise pollution from vehicles, and smoke free house programme, which will promote solar energy across the country will be launched.

Besides, for the disaster risk reduction, the government will establish early warning systems, weather
monitoring stations, lightning monitoring station and emphasise on climate change adaptation related programmes.

Under the urban infrastructure all municipalities of Kathmandu Valley will be developed as satellite cities.