The Inland Revenue Department of Nepal Certifies EZee's Solutions

July 25, 2018

Hotel News Resource, 24 July 2018

The integration of eZee solutions with IRD portal, Nepal, with eZee solutions will allow the hospitality industry a simplified digital transfer of daily transactions that take place at their businesses.

eZee Technosys, the total hospitality solutions provider have built a regional compliance of their on-premise solutions eZee FrontDesk hotel PMS and eZee BurrP! restaurant POS system with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) portal of Nepal.

This integration will facilitate a quick submission of daily transactions taking place at hotels and restaurants in Nepal to the IRD portal, thus eliminating the expenses incurred on physical movement of data, threat of data loss and security.

The IRD is responsible for administration of taxes such as value added tax, income tax, and excise duty, along with the fair collection of taxes from businesses and citizens of Nepal. Considering the hospitality sector in Nepal, when any hotel receives payments, cancels a transaction or gets a booking, the revenue generated is to be updated to the Nepal government. The same requirement applies to the restaurant industry as well. eZee have also redesigned their invoices, reports and audit logs to meet IRD requirements.

Here’s what eZee’s CEO Aeijaz Sodawala has to say, “Our on-premise solutions are now compliant and connected with the IRD portal. With this certification, we’ll be able to cater better to the Nepalese hospitality market, as this integration simplifies the major task of all the hoteliers and restaurateurs, that is, a secure and swift transfer of critical data.”

Additionally, the IRD regulation requires all the hotels and restaurants to keep their data servers in Nepal, even if the establishment is having other branches outside the country. eZee NextGen, being desktop-based solutions have fulfilled these requirements smoothly, as they need a client-server environment requiring the server to be present on-premise. This way, hoteliers and restaurateurs using eZee’s solutions in Nepal would be effortlessly complying to IRD regulations.

Up until now, the company have taken into account several regional compliances of government reforms and requirements for Panama, UAE, Oman, Iceland, Malaysia, India and many more countries with the chief agenda of empowering the regional markets smoothly.  This compliance from Nepal’s IRD portal will aid the company to tap the Nepalese hospitality industry with better finesse and benefits. 

Striving to reach the untouched corners of the industry through cutting-edge technology, eZee have always been more than ready to meet the ever changing requirements of the sector.

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