January 10, 2018


Annual Household Survey 2012-2013 is a nation- wide household survey, data collection operation of which was conducted from December 2012 to July 2013. The AHS consists of multiple topics related to household information including demography, education, housing facilities, consumption and labour force. However the survey is primarily focused on the annual household consumption and current labour force statistics. The food consumption and labour force related information was collected for past 7 days of the reference period whereas for other information related to non-food was past 12 months. Therefore, the result of the survey refers to the year 2012-201313. The results of AHS are presented in this statistical report covering five sections of the survey questionnaire. Structurally, the report contains six chapters including 42 tables, 21 figures and 5 appendices. Since the design of the survey questionnaire has followed the concepts and definitions adopted in Nepal Living Standards Surveys and Nepal Labour Force Surveys especially to capture household consumption aggregates and the current labour force related information respectively, the data analysis and tabulation is also done accordingly. Objectives The objectives of Annual Household Survey 2012-2013 are: • to estimate the label and structure of household consumption expenditure each year; • to measure unemployment and underemployment on yearly basis; • to collect information on the areas of demography, literacy, housing facilities etc; and • to create an annual database of household sector. The survey is intended to support the National Accounts estimates, particularly of household sector. Moreover, the survey will explore the possibility of consumption based poverty measurement also. SCOPE The AHS survey is primarily focused on two basic indicators, household consumption aggregate and current labour force. Mainly survey includes : 1.Demography : Average household size, dependency ratio, sex ratio , Dependency ratio in urban areas, female household head. 2.Housing Facilities: Average number of rooms, main source of drinking water, source of lighting , access to mobile, toilet facilities, Households with sanitation management 3.Literacy: Literacy rate of population, adult literacy, Male literacy, Female literacy 4.Consumption: Household per capita mean consumption 5.Employment: Labour force participation rate,unemployment rate etc. COVERAGE GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE The survey covers the whole country(National), Ecological belts( Mountain , Hill , Terai), rural and urban. UNIVERSE - All households in the country determined on the basis of the usual place of their residence (de jure househols). The households of diplomatic missions, the institutional households (like people living in schools hostels, prisons, army camps and hospitals) were excluded from the survey. - All persons aged 5 years and above household members. GET MICRODATA