January 10, 2018

ABSTRACT The Demographic Sample Survey 1986/87, shortly called as DSS 1986/87 is carried out by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) with financial support from UNFPA and technical assistance from UNDTCD. The major objectives of the DSS are to provide intercensal estimates of some important demographic parameters such as birth, death, migration, etc. The DSS 1986/87 not only provides these parameters but also examines the factors affecting fertility, mortality and migration in more details. SCOPE The scope of the DSS 1986/87 includes: Individual level: Conventional socio-demographic variables at individual level such as age, sex, occupation, education, marital status, parity, age at first marriage, internal and external migration. Household level: Socio-economic charcteristics of the households selected such as land used by households, livestock owned, household facilities. COVERAGE Geographic Coverage (1) National Geographic Coverage (2) Urban/ Rural areas Geographic Coverage (3) Ecological Zones: Mountain, Hill, Terai Universe All private households