January 10, 2018

ABSTRACT As wholesale and retail trade of goods has a significant contribution to the economy of the country, the Distributive Trade Survey of Nepal 2008 was implemented with the aim of providing reliable information on wholesale and retail trade to policy makers and planners for understanding the structure, contribution and other aspects of wholesale and retail trade in Nepal. Apart from that, this survey is considered as a benchmark survey for assessing the contribution of wholesale and retail trade to the national economy. The survey collects: Intermediate consumption, stocks and other economic data relating to wholesale collect information such as employment, compensation of employee, income, and retail trade that are required for national accounts purpose; estimate trade margins by some major commodities, and analyze the data and disseminate to the policy makers, planners, researchers, businessmen and other users. SCOPE This survey collected information on wholesale and retail trade of goods envisaged under Major Division G of NSIC. However, the service parts of this group (repair of motor vehicles, motorcycle and personal and household appliances) have been excluded from this survey. COVERAGE Geographic Coverage (1) National Geographic Coverage (2) Urban / rural areas Universe All trade establishments operating in the country, having registered in any government unit were covered in this Survey. A trade establishment is an economic unit engaged in wholesale or retail trade of goods within the national territory under a single ownership or control, i.e. under a single legal entity at a single fixed location. In other words, a trade establishment is an establishment having three characteristics: economic activity (trading), legal status (registered one) and fixed location (housed in fixed structure).