January 10, 2018

ABSTRACT The objectives of the 2001 Population Census were: a. to develop a set of benchmark data for different purposes, b. to provide data for small administrative areas of the country on population, housing and household facilities, c. to provide reliable frames for different types of sample surveys, d. to provide sex disaggregated data of the population and other variables related to households, demographic, social and economic conditions of the country, and e. to provide detailed information on women, children, the aged and the disabled. Content of the Census Questionnaire: Short Form : Schedule 1 Household Information 1. Type of housing unit occupied by the household 2. Tenure of housing unit 3. Whether any land operated for agriculture 4. Area of agricultural land operated 5. Whether any livestock/ poultry raised 6. Number of livestock/ poultry on the holding 7. Whether any female member owned any house/land - Area of land owned 8. Whether any female member owned any livestock - Number of livestock (big and small head) Individual Information 1. Serial number of household member 2. Full name of the household member 3. Male/Female 4. Age 5. Caste/Ethnicity 6. Relationship of the household head 7. Religion 8. Language spoken - Mother tongue - Second language Long Form : Schedule 2 Household Information 1. Main source of drinking water 2. Main fuel used for cooking 3. Main source of light 4. Toilet facility 5. Household conveniences 6. Whether any death in the household 7. Information on the deceased person(s) - Sex, age, date, and cause Individual Information 1. Serial number of household member 2. Full name and sex of the household member 3. Age 4. Place of birth 5. Duration of stay at the present place 6. Reason for staying in this district 7. Residence five years ago 8. Whether able to read and write 9. Level of education 10. Whether currently attending any school 11. Marital status 12. Age at first marriage 13. No. of children ever born 14. Any live births during last 12 months 15. Work usually done during the last 12 months 16. No. of months worked during the last 12 months 17. Occupation (type of usual work) 18. Industry (place of usual work) 19. Employment Status 20. Reasons for usually not working 21. Living arrangements of children below 16 years SCOPE HOUSEHOLD: Household characteristicds, household listing, operated land area for agriculture, Number of livestock/poultry, female member ownership on assets, source of drinking water, fuel used for cooking, source of light, toilet facility, household facilities, information on the deceased persons. INDIVIDUAL: Individual characteristics, caste/ethnicity, religion and mother tongue, migration, education, marital status, fertility, mortality, economic activity, child labour COVERAGE Geographic Coverage National coverage Geographic Unit Ward level Universe The survey covered all household members (usual residents) in the household. GET MICRODATA