January 10, 2018

ABSTRACT Conducted by the National Agriculture Census Project under the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Sample Census of Agriculture aimed at obtaining reliable estimates of most of the agricultural parameters at the district level (of Nepal). Its sample was designed (including the sample size) to meet this objective. The census was carried out in 1982. The reference period was a period of twelve consecutive months from 14th January 1981 to 13th January 1982. SCOPE The scope of Sample Census of Agriculture 1981-82 includes: 1. Number and Area of Holdings 2. Status of Land Tenure 3. Land Use 4. Area under Crops (Temporaray and Permanent as well) 5. Status of Irrigation, Use of Fertilizers, Practice of Improved Seeds and Pesticides 6. Number and kind of Cattle according to their Age and Sex 7. Number of Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Horses and other Animals by Age 8. Number of Poultry, Pigeons, Ducks and other Birds by Age 9. Number of Agricultural Implements 10. Farm Population by Age and Sex 11. Number and Area of Fish Ponds 12. Quantity of Fish Catch by Ponds and Paddy Fields COVERAGE Geographic Coverage National District Universe The scope of the Sample Census of Agriculture is an agriculture holding. For the census purpose, an operational holding consisted of all agricultural land operated, poultry birds or farm animals kept (with or without agricultural land) as one technical unit by one person alone or with the assistance of others irrespective of title, legal form and location. However, any institutional agriculture holdings were not covered in the NSCA 1981-82.