January 10, 2018

ABSTRACT The decennial agriculture census conducted by Central Bureau of Statistics captures the data on poutry reared by agriculture holding only. The number of poutry firms commercially reared for the purpose of meat and eggs are not included in such censuses. So this survey is complementary to the periodic agriculture census which addresses the data gap created by the former one. This survey deals in production of meat and eggs by the firms, employment generated by the firms as well as annual expenditure of the firms. Above all, this survey elaborates the contribution made by the firm in national income of Nepal. SCOPE This report includes the information on demographic featurtes, status of employment, salary of employees, number of poutry by type, production of meat, chicks and eggs, income by selling meat, eggs and chicks, current and capital expenditure of the firm, infrastructure status of the firm, training status of holders, pre-occupation of holders, status of loan, future plan of holders and opinions of holders regarding the poultry firm. COVERAGE Geographic Coverage National, Province, District Universe Commercial poulrty firms of Nepal