January 10, 2018

ABSTRACT The "Survey of Hotels and Lodges Nepal 2003-04" was conducted by the Establishment Census and Survey Section (ECSS) of Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). This survey provides data on hotel and lodging services including gross outputs (GO); internal consumption (IC); compensation of employees e.g. salary and wages (CE); capital formation (GCF) including GFCF and change in stock; and information on indirect taxes from enumeration of star hotels (1, 2, 3, 4,and 5) and sample survey of non-star hotels, resorts and lodges employing at least one hired labor. In other words, the survey covers establishments providing accommodation services in the name of hotels, lodges, resorts, camping sites etc. It does not include the establishments providing only fooding services like restaurants, bars, canteens which also belong to the same division. In case of establishments which provide accommodation services and also sell food to the clients, food and beverage services are also included in the survey data collection. The main objectives of this survey were: - To generate principal indicators of hotels and lodges such as number of hotels/lodges, number of persons engaged in hotel and lodges, value of fixed assets at national and regional levels. - To prepare list of operating hotels which will provide a frame for future sample survey of the sector. - To assess the value addition in the economy made by this sector - To fill the gap of information about the changes and developments-taking place in the hotel industry of the country. The survey reveals that there are 86 star hotels, 3548 non-star (3105 non-star hotels and 443 lodges) and 161 resorts in the country contributing gross value added (GVA) Rs.930,947,000 from star hotels, Rs. 932,119,000 from non-star hotels and Rs. 149,375,000 from resorts. SCOPE The survey covers establishments providing accommodation services in the entire territory of Nepal. These include hotels, lodges and resorts. For the purpose of the survey, the establishments have been classified into three broad categories: (i) Star hotels (ii) Resorts (iii) Non-star hotels In the star hotel category, the establishments belonging to 5 categories (from 5 star to one star hotels) have been included. In Nepal, hotels are classified as per the internally followed norms which incorporate the facilities these establishments offer to the clients.The government has worked out norms to categorize the hotels. For the survey purposes, the hotels have been categorized as per their own reporting. The non star hotels are further sub classified as lodges with fooding services and lodges without food and beverage service (lodging only). The resorts included all three types of resorts: forest resorts and safari camps, tourist resorts and mountain resorts. From this we can get information of indicators including number of Establishments, ownership, legal status, number of beds and rooms, employment number of persons engaged/employees(Domestic/ROW, male/female), internal consumption, room/bed rate, income generated, gross output, fix assets and indirect taxes so that indicators on Gross Value added,Salaries per person per month,Value added/gross output, Intermediate Consumption/Gross output, capital formation can be derived and be applicable in estimating GVA of Hotel and Lodge industry as classified by ISIC (NSIC, Nepalese context). COVERAGE Geographic Coverage (1) National Geographic Coverage (2) Regional Geographic Coverage (3) Urban and rural areas Geographic Coverage (4) Ecological belt Universe All hotels and Lodges in Nepal having at least one paid employee.