January 10, 2018

ABSTRACT To fill data gaps in current agricultural statistics, the growing share of vegetable crops was identified to be measured through the nationally representative survey. The Vegetable Crops Survey 2009-10 was conducted for the first time in Nepal. The survey was designed with the following objectives: (i) To estimate area, production and input-output ratio of the vegetable crops at national and sub-national levels; (ii) To generate agriculture statistics support to the annual and benchmarking Quarterly National Accounting (QNA); (iii) To assess the changes in land use and vegetable crop diversification pattern practiced in recent years; and (iv) To generate statistics required for the development of vegetable crops to planners, policy makers and researchers. SCOPE The scope of the survey was covered in the following topics of vegetable farming: 1. Introductory Description 2. Area and Use of Land by Parcel 3. Description of Employment and Current/Capital Expenditure 3.1 Family and Permanent/Temporary Workers engaged in Vegetable Farming 3.2 Description of Capital Expenditure on Vegetable Farming 3.3 Current Expenditure on Vegetable Farming 4. Production and Income 4.1 Vegetable Production and Uses 4.2 Other Income from Vegetable Farming 5. Financial Description 6. Miscellaneous COVERAGE Geographic Coverage (1) National Geographic Coverage (2) Agro-ecological belts Geographic Coverage (3) Development regions Geographic Coverage (4) Eco-Development regions Geographic Unit Agro-ecological-development belt Universe Vegetable holdings. All operational holdings where vegetable crops were grown at least in 2 Aana (0.00636 hectares) in Mountains and Hills or 4 Dhur (0.00677 hectares) in Tarai of land were termed as vegetable holding. GET MICRODATA