March 20, 2018

Nepal Labour Force Survey 2008 (NLFS II) is the second round of a multi topic national labour force survey carried out by Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) from January to December 2008. As a follow up to the first NLFS of 1998/99 (NLFS I), NLFS II helps not only to update labour force statistics but also to compare changes undergone in labour and labour market conditions in Nepal in the last nine years. The survey adopted two stage stratified sampling scheme, as was done in the previous survey. NLFS II enumerated 15,976 households selected from 799 PSUs in the entire country compared to 14,335 households from 720 PSUs in NLFS I. The country was stratified into 6 strata comprising 3 urban and 3 rural areas in NLFS II, whereas there were only two strata (Urban and rural) in NLFS I.