December 20, 2017

This info-graphics very well summarizes the crux of the current political debate. 1. The debate is regarding the choice of Single transferable voting system Vs. Majority Voting System. 2. Under Majority Voting System- Leftist group (UML + Maoist) will secure 48 of the total 56 seats. Nepali Congress (NC) won't achieve any seat. Madeshi Alliance (MA) will be able to defend eight seats. The leftist group is backing Majority Voting System. 3. Under Single Transferable Voting System- Leftist Group will secure 40 seats. NC will secure 8 seats, and MA will secure 4 seats. NC is backing this system as it will provide them 8 seats against nil in majority voting system. Leftist Group is against this system as they will lose 8 seats and their main rival NC will be there in the assembly. Please note that the National Assembly has 59 members out of which 56 members (8 members from each province) will be elected through electoral college votes ( chief and deputy chief of local bodies; and the provincial assembly members). President will appoint the remaining three members under the recommendation of the Cabinet. The debate is featured in the news: https://lnkd.in/f_VdJXi

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