‘65 pc cases of violence against women occur inside home’

May 02, 2019

The Himalayan Times, May 02, 2019

Women are more prone to domestic violence as 65 per cent of total gender-based violence against women were perpetrated by their family members. Over 53 per cent of domestic violence against women was committed by husbands, according to a report.

The report by Women’s Rehabilitation Centre shows that it recorded 1,749 VAW cases last year. Of them, 1,140 women, who had also filed complaint of VAW at police were subjected to violence by their husbands, while 130 women suffered social violence.

The report said that over 62 per cent of rape cases recorded at WOREC were perpetrated by people the women victims knew, such as neighbours and family members. Nepal Police record shows that a total of 1,480 rape and attempted rape cases were reported last year.

Women activists said the report has backed the age old claim that VAW begins inside home. Dhana Kumari Sunar, a woman activist and former member of the National Women Commission, said that above 80 per cent of VAW occurs inside homes.

Talking about the ways to curb VAW, Sunar said, “Although there might not be a sure shot remedy to eliminate VAW, the most important measure is to make both men and women realise that any sort of physical, mental or emotional violence must not be taken for granted.”

She added that the long-held cultural practice and societal norms do not accept certain kinds of offensive action to be VAW.

Early marriage among women has been reported as one of the main causes of VAW. The report shows that 35 per cent of those women who suffered VAW from family members were married before the age of 16.

Similarly, 59 per cent of such women had married between the age of 16 and 23.

Sangita Timsina, VAW campaign coordinator at WOREC, said, “Although the country has adequate rules and regulation to check all forms of VAW, the implementation mechanism is very weak. This has resulted in increasing cases of VAW.”

Source: https://thehimalayantimes.com/kathmandu/65-pc-cases-of-violence-against-women-occur-inside-home/


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