15,444 drivers, riders booked

December 26, 2019

The Himalayan Times, December 26, 2019 

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division today said it launched ‘Mobile Checking and Action’ campaign for more effective traffic management in Kathmandu valley and to instil a sense of discipline among road users.

Superintendent of Police Jeevan Kumar Shrestha and MTPD spokesperson said as many as 15,444 drivers and riders were brought to book for breaching traffic rules in the past eight days. Public vehicles plying the valley roads with their doors open topped the chart of offenders. MTPD and its all 35 units in the valley have been deploying traffic police personnel to take action against rule violators.

During the period of eight days, traffic police personnel also recorded common types of rule violations such as rampant parking, breaking traffic signals, use of mobile phone while driving, seat belt infraction, mechanical modification of original shape of bikes, overloading, overtaking from the left side of the road, violation of one-way traffic rule, zig-zagging, drunk driving and reckless driving.

Traffic police personnel armed with communication sets, GoPro cameras, surveillance vehicles and breathalysers have fanned out across the valley with major focus at busy intersections to strictly enforce the traffic rules, said SP Shrestha.

More than 400 CCTV have been closely monitoring vehicular movement. Persons driving under the influence and lane discipline violators are required to pay fine and participate in an hour-long lecture on traffic safety to get their licence back. In spite of the punishment, most motorists continue to violate traffic rules. Wilful violation of rules is one of the reasons why the capital city has suffered traffic congestion and is vulnerable to road accidents, according to MTPD.

According to SP Shrestha most of the offenders are well-experienced and well-educated drivers.

Lack of infrastructure, inadequate road network and traffic congestion during peak hours have also made traffic rule violations a norm in the valley.