20-year-old vehicles to be banned in Gandaki from Thursday

March 14, 2018

The Himalayan Times, March 14, 2018

POKHARA: More than 1,600 motor vehicles are being prohibited from plying on the road in Gandaki zone from Thursday as per the government policy to put a ban on twenty-year-old vehicles.

According to a data shown by the Gandaki Transport Management Office, as many as 495 hand tractors, 433 taxis, 234 trucks, 283 large buses, 27 mini trucks, 87 jeeps, and 35 tourist cars would be banned from plying on road.

Likewise, six minibuses and vans each, seven tractors and pickup vans each, eight tourist buses, three tourist mini buses and tourist vans, and five tourist jeeps and tourist micro buses each, registered in the office will have to go off the roads from tomorrow.

Office Chief Achyut Regmi said they were committed to implementing the government policy to discourage old motor vehicles and such vehicles would not be allowed to ply on the roads from March 14.