2074 BS- a year of elections in Nepal

November 26, 2017

25 Nov 2017, The Himalayan Times

KATHMANDU: The year 2074 in the lunar calendar will be remembered as the year of elections for Nepal, with all three tiers of election being held in the same year.

It is also first time in the history of Nepal that so many elections were held in the same year. The local level elections have already been held and the provincial and federal level elections are starting from tomorrow, to be concluded within 2074 BS.

The three-tier elections are being held since Nepal adopted a new federal structure with the promulgation of the new Constitution of Nepal in 2072 BS. As per the new constitution, elections in all three levels of governance were supposed to be held within the next two years.

And the first elections, local level assembly, began in Baisakh in the first month of the year, 2074. It was however held in three phases in Baisakh, Asar and Asoj. And that led to a foundation for the election to the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assemblies, which are being held in the month of Mangsir. So in a way, all three elections will be held in a span of eight months.

And the two elections are being held simultaneously but in two phases. The first phase is taking place tomorrow, November 26, in 32 districts of the mountainous region. The election is being held for 37 constituencies of the House of Representatives and 74 constituencies of the provincial assemblies in the provinces.

The second phase is taking place on December 7 in 45 districts of the Tarai and hills. A total of 128 seats for the House of Representatives and 256 of the provincial assemblies are being contested in the second phase.

The history of elections in Nepal says that first municipal elections in Nepal was held in Bhadau, 2010 BS after the establishment of democracy in 2007 BS that led to the overthrow of the Rana oligarchy. It was, however, not based on adult franchise but based on the constitution that was drafted then under the premiership of Padma Shumsher Rana, former Chief Election Commissioner Suya Prasad Shrestha said.

As a result, the first parliamentary election in Nepal was held on Falgun 7, 2015 BS A total of nine political parties had contested the elections in 109 constituencies. Nepali Congress had won a two-thirds majority by winning 74 seats.