Nepal ranks 124 in corruption perception index

January 29, 2019

My Republica, January 29, 2019

KATHMANDU: Nepal climbed two points to 124 in the Transparency International's annual Corruption Perception Index, 2018 from 122 last year. Of the 180 countries, Nepal now ranks at 124.

However, Nepal's position has stayed the same as there was no headway to reduce corruption this year. The report states that after the elections of 2017, corruption in the public sector, businesses and by government officials continue to plague the country. "Nepal's score is concerning," the press statement reads.

Previously, Nepal stood in the 122nd  position in the CPI. The CPI measures the extent of corruption within a country on a scale ranging from zero to 100. Countries securing higher scores are rated as the least corrupt and those with low scores are perceived to be the most corrupt.

Transparency International has been publishing the report since 1995. Nepal was incorporated in its country list from 2004 AD.

In the CPI-2018, two third of the countries have scored below 50 with an average score of 43. The inability to control corruption has threatened democracy across the world. Highly corrupt countries are found to be repressive and authoritarian and curtail democratic practices. Likewise, in lesser corrupt countries, there is rule of law, independent monitoring agencies, free press, and aware citizenry.

Denmark, which received 88 out of 100, is the least corrupt countries in the world while Somalia, which received a score of 10 is the most corrupt country. In South Asia, Bhutan ranked at 25, India at 78, Srilanka at 89, Pakistan at 117, Maldives at 124, Bangladesh at 149 and Afghanistan at 172.



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