Pokhara metropolis starts drafting new laws

March 13, 2018

The Himalayan Times, March 13, 2018

Pokhara Metropolitan City has started drafting necessary laws in order to ease everyday business of the metropolis from today.

The second Municipal Assembly meeting and the first Provincial Assembly meeting in Pokhara began the process of drafting the law. Municipal Assembly Chairperson and Metropolitan City Mayor Man Bahadur GC said that they were preparing to draft the law as per the rights delegated to the local level. He said they would draft 120 laws in such a way that they did not contradict the provincial and federal government.

Legislative Committee Coordinator and Ward No 19 Chairperson Shobha Mohan Poudel today  tabled 18 acts, policy, work procedure and directives necessary for the metropolis in the assembly. He had tabled necessary legislative committee regulation 2018 at the assembly meeting in order to make the bills to be presented at the assembly well-managed and respectable. The meeting endorsed the regulation unanimously.

Legislative Committee Coordinator Poudel said that they had to table the law in the municipal assembly as it was a local government. The constitution has provisioned 22 lists of rights and 18 common rights for the local level, provincial and federal governments. Poudel further said that the metropolis would act as legislative, executive and judiciary.

“The legislative committee has consulted with subject experts and stakeholders in the course of drafting the law. We have tried to make the laws flexible and empirical,” said Poudel.

He further added that they could amend the law as per the need of the hour. He said that there were more than 300 areas that the local level had to incorporate in the law and implement.

There are as many as 167 elected representatives, including mayor, deputy mayors, 33 ward chairpersons, among other members, in the municipal assembly. The next meeting of the assembly has been scheduled for 11:00am on March 20.

Source: https://thehimalayantimes.com/nepal/pokhara-metropolis-starts-drafting-new-laws/


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