UPDATE:40 per cent votes cast till 1:00 PM

December 07, 2017

 Forty per cent votes have been cast till 1:00 PM under the second phase of elections to the House of Representatives and Provincial Assemblies in 45 districts across the country today. 

According to the Election Commission, 40 per cent of the total registered voters cast their ballots until 1:00 PM in the election. The voting started from 7 am and will continue till 5 pm. 

Twelve million 235 thousand 993 voters in the 45 districts will exercise their franchise rights today in the elections. 

Voting is taking place at 15,344 polling stations of 7,752 voting areas in 128 House of Representatives election constituencies and 256 State Assembly electoral constituencies.
Registered voters who enter the polling stations until 5 pm will be allowed to vote, according to the Election Commission. They are barred from carrying mobile phones, lighter and other paraphernalia inside the polling stations.





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