Action taken against 1,700 drivers in Dadeldhura

February 04, 2019

My Republica, February 04, 2019

AMARGADHI: Traffic police have taken action against more than 1,700 drivers in the last six months of the fiscal year 2075/76. 

Action was taken against the drivers of motorcycle, jeep, bus, truck, and tractor flouting the traffic rules, said Sub Inspector at the District Traffic Police Office, Ganesh Singh Nagari. 

Revenue totaling Rs 893,000 was collected from the fine imposed on these drivers as of January 14. The fiscal year starts from mid-July. 

An action was taken against 246 drivers in the month of Saun, against 214 drivers in the month of Bhadau, against 332 drivers in the month of Asoj, against 354 drivers in the month of Kartik, against 278 drivers in the month of Mangsir and against 276 drivers in the month of Poush. The highest number of those facing action includes the jeep drivers. 

The District Traffic Police Office, Dadeldhura said that incidents of violation of traffic rules have decreased compared to the last fiscal year.