Around 300,000 apply for Myadi jobs

October 26, 2017

The Kathmandu Post, 26 Oct 2017 

As the deadline for applying for temporary (Myadi) police jobs ended on Wednesday, Nepal Police has received around 300,000 applicants from across the country for 98,268 positions of personnel who will be deployed as supporting hands to the security agencies on the ground during the election.

The first phase of federal and provincial elections under the first-past-the-post category is scheduled to take place on November 26 in 32 districts while the second-round polls will be held on December 7.

Nepal Police said a final list of around 100,000 applicants will be ready on Friday. “All the police units across the country have been reviewing the applications,” said Deputy Inspector General Manoj Neupane, spokesperson for the Police Headquarters.

According to Nepal Police, Province 2 has received the maximum number of applicants, followed by Province 5 and Province 1. In the eight districts of Province 2, the Home Ministry is planning to deploy the highest number of Myadi recruits. 

The total number of applicants in the province is 98,000, of which 22,156 will be selected for service.

Once the Myadis are selected, they will undergo 12-day training from Sunday before being deployed to various districts. “Their salary will be equal to that of the police constable while there will be additional benefits,” said DIG Neupane. Each new recruit will serve for 55 days and get a monthly salary of Rs17,230. Besides, Rs250 will be provided as special daily allowance and Rs250 a day in food allowance for a week.

They will have medical insurance coverage of up to Rs150,000. If a temporary recruit dies in the line of duty, their family members will get a compensation payment of Rs1.5 million.

The trainees will also get Rs4,000 each for uniform. During the local level elections held earlier, the failure to decide on the dress and delay in paying the personnel had affected Myadis’ deployment across the country.

According to security plans, Nepal Police will hold the command inside the polling stations and booths while the Armed Police Force will be deputed as back-up support. The Army will be mobilised in the peripheral areas of the voting stations.

Recruit numbers

Province/Metro Myadi Quota Applicants

Province 1 16,818 46,302

Province 2 22,156 98,000

Province 3 11,156 22,641

Province 4 10,207 25,901

Province 5 15,848 51,542

Province 6 7,622 15,583

Province 7 9,791 25,391

Kathmandu 2776 11,413 

(All three districts of Valley)

Lalitpur 736

Bhaktapur 1158

Total 98,268 296,773