Base health policies on research

August 22, 2018

The Kathmandu Post, 22 August 2018

The Nepal Health Research Council has urged the government to write policies based on scientific research data.

The government has so far setting health policies based on expert suggestions.

Since Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)–cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and mental health among the others–are increasing in the country, the council has called on the government to take necessary measures to mitigate the situation.

Council’s  Executive Chairman Professor Dr Anjani Kumar Jha said the government grants Rs 100,000 for a cancer patient, but it has no budgetary provision because they do not have data of the cancer patients.

“It is our duty to conduct research on different diseases in the country so that the government can make effective schemes in the health sector. We are always there to provide them the necessary data,” said Dr Jha, adding that they have started a research on mental health for the first time in the country.

The government has assured it would use research data to set plans that would minimise diseases and provide facilities as per the need.

Minister of Health and Population (MoHP) Upendra Yadav said the local government must research various topics for proper budgetary allocation and devising strategies.

“The research councils should focus on gathering quality research to provide proper data and evidences. Since the government will be making plans following the data of the research, ” said Yadav.

The international bodies have suggested to the government to follow research data.

“The government of Nepal has shown a positive attitude for the health sector. The government can achieve various world health goals if plans and policies are made according to its required amount,” said Prof Paul Garner of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

The country lacks quality research centres, therefore depends on various INGOs for research data.

MoHP Secretary Dr Pushpa Chaudhary said,  “We need to develop our own research centres so that we can perform research as per the need of the government to implement proper policies from the gathered evidences of the research.”