Capital expenditure increases in Tanahu

April 26, 2017

The Kathmandu Post, Prakash Baral, Tanahu, 26th April 2017, Kathmandu

Capital expenditure in Tanahu district increased in the current fiscal year, with construction of infrastructure projects in the region gaining momentum. The government had allocated Rs1.53 billion for Tanahu district for the fiscal year 2016-17. By mid-April, 41 percent of the allocation or Rs634.8 million, had been spent.

In the same period of the last fiscal year 2015-16, the district was only able to spend 21 percent of the allocated resources, informed Bishnu Hari Wagle, chief of District Treasury Controller Office, Tanahu. As of mid-April, the district had collected Rs427.4 million in revenue.

Some of the top performers in the region that were offices dealing with irrigation, drinking water and road division.

According to Wagle, these offices have succeeded in achieving substantial progress this year.

“Physical progress of activities carried by these offices is much higher than financial activities,” Wagle said. “Financial progress seems to be on lower side as payment of activities that have been completed is still pending.” He added that most of the offices this year, had initiated project development on time as activities in the previous fiscal year took a beating following an economic blockade imposed by India.

The district which managed to post just 12 percent growth in capital expenditure in the first trimester, performed exceptionally well in the second trimester. Local Development Officer Badri Prasad Tiwari informed that most of the government agencies in the district had completed contract agreements with various project contractors.

Following lackluster performance in the previous fiscal year, most of the central offices had sought clarification from the local agencies. Tiwari informed that this resulted in better performance of the offices.

Division Road Office, the agency which had been allocated the highest amount of budget, succeeded in making all the projects under its purview operational.

“We were equally focused on all the projects, which is why substantial financial as well as physical progress has been achieved,” Bhanu Joshi, head of Division Road Office told the Post, adding that the office was aiming to spend the entire amount allocated to it by the government.

Following lackluster performance in recent years, concerned line Ministries have started questioning offices in the district, which spurred positive results.