CNP to dig new ponds to tackle shortage of water

May 12, 2018

Tilak Rimal, The Himalayan Times, 11 May 2018

With the lack of water sources to quench thirst of the surging number of wildlife, the Chitwan National Park has begun preparations to increase the number of water-bodies in the region.

The wildlife in Chitwan are reeling under shortage of water as sources witness a reduced flow with the onset of summer. Moreover, invasive species of plants have matted the water sources adding up to the woes of wildlife.

According to Assistant Conservation Officer and Information Officer at CNP, Narendra Aryal, CNP will dig three ponds in the East and West sector from the upcoming week.

Likewise, CNP will also manage the available water sources by rooting out various species of invasive plants.

The national park houses more than 60 species of mammals, 546 species of birds and other aquatic creatures.