Construction of Mangalsen Durbar resumes after 7 years

October 08, 2017

Construction of Mangalsen Durbar in Achham, which was halted seven years ago, has resumed. 

The old palace, built by the heirs of the Achham king, was bombed and damaged during the Maoist insurgency.

Authorities started rebuilding the palace in 2008 but works came to a halt after two years. 

Jaya Bahadur Saud of Saud Constructions, said construction works had to be halted due to shortage of timber essential to restore the palace. “We had already completed 50 percent of construction works in two years,” said Saud. 

The contractor said it expected to complete the construction works by the end this fiscal year. 

The government had in 2008 allocated Rs 22.5 million for the reconstruction of the palace which was built in Kathmandu’s Hanumandhoka Durbar style. 

“The palace was bombed and destroyed during the Maoist insurgency as the District Administration Office was using it for official purposes,” said former lawmaker Govinda Bahadur Shahi, describing old building as a structure of historical significance. 

Historian Surat Bahadur Shah said the grand palace spanning 20 metres in length and 16 metre in width with 33 rooms was sold off to the government in 1958 by the heirs of the Achham King at Rs 80,000.