Govt lowers age for senior citizen allowance to 65 years

January 24, 2018

The Kathmandu Post, 24 Jan 2018 

The government has decided to lower the age from 70 to 65 years for senior citizen allowance. A Cabinet meeting on Wednesday decided to reduce the age requirement for senior citizen allowance.

Prior to this, people aged 70 and above were receiving Rs 2,000 a month as social security allowance.

According to Irrigation Minister Sanjaya Gautam, the government has decided to provide an additional Rs 100,000 in relief to the survivors of earthquake, landslide and floods.

The Cabinet has also increased the timeframe for receiving the instalment of relief amount to earthquake survivors. Earlier, the government had decided to provide Rs 300,000 each to quake survivors.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Urban Development Kamal Thapa has made a controversial decision of appointing chairpersons from his party in 15 municipality development committees.