Grains worth millions destroyed

April 05, 2019

The Himalayan Times, April 05, 2019

The devastating storm in Bara destroyed crops and vegetable farming, causing a loss of over five million rupees to the farmers. Crops and vegetables cultivated in more than 2,231 bigha of land across the district were ruined by the windstorm, according to Bara’s Agriculture Knowledge Centre Chief Jitendra Yadav.

“Places like Bhaluhi and Bharawaliya of Pheta, Gamhariya and Purainiya of Tribeni were worst hit as the storm destroyed wheat farming in over 50 bigha land,” said Agriculture Officer Ramjevan Thakur.

Crops, vegetables and fruits were damaged in a number of other places, including Balirampur, Phulbariya, Rampurwa, Telkuwan, Benauli, Prashurampur, Hardia, Lipanimal and Chainpur.

The fierce storm also wreaked havoc on mango trees in full bloom. It is estimated that the storm killed cattle and fowls worth over 3.5 million rupees in the district.

Meanwhile, as per the preliminary estimates of Nepal Red Cross Society, the storm damaged around 2,400 houses in Bara and Parsa.

The projection was done by using a drone deployed for the first time in the storm-affected area, according to Umesh Dhakal, executive director at the Red Cross.