Heavy rainfall predicted across the country

July 12, 2019

The Himalayan Times, July 11, 2019

With the monsoon in full swing, the Meteorological Forecasting Division has predicted moderate to heavy rainfall throughout the country.

This image shows the monsoon in full swing in Nepal. Courtesy: MFD

“Monsoon trough line is now close to Nepal and will continue to exist from the eastern to the western parts of the country for 24 hours, bringing more rains,” a meteorological analysis conducted by the MFD stated. An advisory published by the MFD on its website said monsoon rain would lash the country in the next 24 hours, beginning 6:00 am today.

This rendering image shows the temperature and the rainfalls predeicted by the Meteorological Forecasting Division. Courtesy: MFD

“There is possibility of heavy rainfall in a few parts of the western, central and eastern regions, leading to rise of water level in rivers and the risk of landslides in hills. Therefore, we would like to appeal to all to stay on high alert against the possibility of natural disasters,” the advisory stated. The MFD also predicted obstruction of air and road transportation due to inimical weather conditions.

Flood Forecasting Section under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology said there was risk of flash floods in rivers across the country, mostly in those flowing through provinces 1 and 2 and in the Chure region of Province 3, for the next two days. “Water level in the Kankai, Saptakoshi, Tamor, Dudhkoshi, Sunkoshi, Kamala and Bagmati rivers, and the East Rapti watershed is likely touching the warning mark. Swollen streams are likely in landslide-prone areas of hilly region due to debris, while low-lying areas of the Tarai and provinces 5, 6 and 7 are likely to be inundated,” read an alert issued by the FFS.

The DHM issues flood forecast bulletin at 7:00 am every day. Under special circumstances, it may issue alert warning at any time. The DHM said flood and weather forecast is provided to the National Emergency Operation Centre under the MoHA, before publishing it on the website. The forecast is circulated to all ministries, departments, Nepal Red Cross Society and organisations working on disaster risk management, besides publishing it on social media.

If water level of rivers reach or is likely to reach the red mark, general public of the concerned areas will be alerted through SMS by Nepal Telecom and Ncell, according to DHM.