International airlines adding flights to Nepal

September 12, 2018

KATHMANDU: International airline companies have been adding flights to Nepal after government announced the year 2020 to be marked as Visit Nepal Year.

The latest airlines to add its flight to Nepal is SalamAir of Oman.

SalamAir started its flights to Kathmandu in coordination with IME International Travels. This travel company is promoted by the business group IME. The airline company introduced its flight to Kathmandu with a 174-seater aircraft that landed at Tribhuvan International Airport this morning.

Chairperson of IME Group, Chandra Dhakal, said they have brought the ‘budget airlines’ with the objective of providing service at an affordable fare, which is Rs 16,000 to Oman. The arrival time of the flight is 8:00 am and departure time is 8:40 am every day.

Speaking at a news conference organised at the airport, IME Group Chair Dhakal said that arrangements had been made to travel to and from Oman at a modest price. He added that this would provide some relief to the Nepali migrant workers going on foreign employment to the Gulf countries.

SalamAir, the first budget airlines of Oman, started its flights from 2017. It had been operating flights to 15 different destinations using Airbus 320. Kathmandu has become the airlines’ 16th destination. SalamAir has been flying to Dhaka, Baku, Tiblisi, Doha, Dubai, Silkot, Multan, Karachi, Khartoum, Jedda, Salala, Suhar, Muscat.

Likewise, Thailine Air of Thailand had started its flights to Nepal less than two weeks ago.

Presently 32 different airline companies have been operating their flights to Kathmandu.