Kathmandu with 5,57000 voters for local level elections

April 17, 2017

The Kathmandu Post, April 16 2017, Kathmandu

The office of the chief returning officer for Kathmandu district has been established at the city hall.Chief Returning Officer Pursottam Prasad Dhakal assumed office today as part of preparations for the local-level elections scheduled for May 14. Ten other municipalities in Kathmandu will be led by election officers.

Vote counting for Kathmandu metropolitan city shall take place here after all the ballot boxes are collected. The ballot boxes for other municipalities will be collected at the respective election officer's office.

There are 557,000 voters in Kathmandu district, with 284,000 of them in Kathmandu metropolitan city.

Of the total 319 polling centres in Kathmandu, 156 will be stationed inside KMC.