KMC sees Shyame Kholso as alternative to Sisdole landfill

December 01, 2017

Anup Ojha, The Kathmandu Post, 1 Dec 2017 

With the current landfill site in Sisdole, Nuwakot, due to reach its full capacity in May, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is planning to dispose of its solid wastes in Shyame Kholso.

Shyame Kholso, which is located just 1.1km west of Sisdole landfill, could serve as an alternative until a permanent landfill facility, which is being constructed at Banchare Danda in Nuwakot, is completed, said Hari Bahadur Kunwar, chief of  KMC Environment Division.

Shyame Kholso, Kunwar added, was the most suitable location of all the areas they had explored for temporary solid waste management.  

“We have six months to build a temporary landfill site at Shyame Kholso. Sisdole will soon reach its full capacity and we are also getting lots of complaints from the locals there,” he said.

It could take at least another two years to complete the construction of permanent landfill facility at Banchare Danda. 

Around 800 metric tonnes of solid waste from the Kathmandu Valley are being dumped in Sisdole on a daily basis.

Sisdole was originally meant to be a dumping ground for just three years. Though the period expired in 2008, the KMC has continued to unload the Valley’s rubbish there, much to the annoyance and anger of locals.   

Sisdole locals have obstructed the KMC from disposing of solid wastes on numerous occasions in the past.

They have accused the KMC of, among others, breaching the contract, spreading risk of diseases and infections, and not doing enough to offset the impacts of environment pollution.