Lalitpur records highest voter turnout among four metropolises

May 16, 2017

The Himalayan Times, 15th May 2017, Kathmandu

The Lalitpur Metropolitan City recorded the highest number of voter turnout in the first phase of local level election held on Sunday.

There was an enthusiastic participation of voters in all the metropolises in the polls. The four metropolitan cities include Pokhara Lekhnath, Lalitpur, Bharatpur and Kathmandu.

On an average, more than 75 percent of the total registered voters in the metropolises exercised their voting right on Sunday’s local election.

This percentage is higher than the average voter turnout in the 34 districts of province number 3,4 and 6 where the first phase local election was held yesterday. The average general voter turnout was 71 percent, as per the Election Commission.

The voter turnout in Lalitpur Metropolitan City was 89,214 out of the 112, 923 registered voters, which is 79 percent. There are 29 Wards in Lalitpur Metropolitan City with a population of 284,922.

Lalitpur is an ancient city in the Kathmandu Valley and rich in art and culture.

Similarly, in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the voter turnout was around 70 per cent. Out of the total 271,221 eligible voters in the KMC, 190,000 voters cast their votes on Sunday’s local-level election.

However, Kathmandu Metropolitan City witnessed less voter turnout compared to other metropolises. Kathmandu has 32 wards with a total population of 975, 463.

The voter turnout in Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City was 75.74 percent.

124,614 out of the 168,067 registered voters in this Metropolitan city cast their votes in the election on Sunday. This is the largest Metropolitan city in terms of area and has 33 wards.

The population of this municipality is 414,141.

Likewise, Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Chitwan district recorded 75.02 percent voter turnout in the local-level election on Sunday.

The total number of registered voters was 150,274 and 112 thousand 741 of them voted in the election on Sunday.

The total population of this Metropolis is 280,500 and has 29 wards.