NEA Sarlahi Office collects pending dues, fines worth Rs 20 million

June 09, 2017

My Republica, 7 June 2017

SARLAHI, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has recovered Rs 20.6 million in outstanding dues from Sarlahi district.

Under the 'Power Leakage Control Campaign, ' NEA's distribution centers in Malangawa and Lalbandi have fined 644 people involved in power theft through hook line activity.

NEA recovered Rs 15.8 million by disconnecting power supply to consumers who had huge pending bills and Rs 4.8 million from customers who were found involved in power theft, an official of Malangawa Distribution Center of NEA, said. 

Bishnu Prasad Yadav, chief of NEA's Malangawa Distribution Center, said Rs 8.6 million worth of outstanding dues has been recovered since mid-December. Similarly, Ram Ayodhya Yadav, chief of Lalbandi Distribution, said his office has recovered pending dues worth Rs 7.2 million.

Under the campaign, the Lalbandi Distribution Center collected Rs 2.2 million in fines from 250 people involved in power theft, while the Malangwa Distribution Center collected Rs 2.6 million from 434 consumers.

Similarly, the Malangawa Distribution Center collected Rs 1.57 million as fine against meter tempering.

NEA officials say they have intensified action against people who have involved in direct hooking fro the power line. NEA has also been severing power supply to consumers who have huge pending bills.

There are 40,755 consumers under NEA's Malangawa Distribution Center and 31,000 under Lalbandi Distribution Center.