Nepal in Data College/University Tour

February 27, 2017

In January this year, Bikas Udhyami, launched “Nepal in Data - an open data and statistics portal serving as a single point of access from where users can access, interact with, compare and use data and statistics relating to different aspects of Nepal’s development.

Nepal in Data currently contains more than 1100 data sets divided over 12 sections covering various sectors including agriculture and land; civil society and foreign aid; economy, market and finance; infrastructure, communication and technology; state and politics; the sustainable development goals, etc. The portal aims to support government, development partners, civil society and academia in using data and statistics for evidence based policy and decision-making on development issues. 

Following our launch, we are now starting our Nepal in Data College and University Tour, to present the Nepal in Data portal and explain how you can use the portal as part of your studies or teaching. Every week, we will be visiting different colleges and universities throughout Nepal and will announce these on our Nepal in Data facebook page

What can you expect from the Nepal in Data College/University Tour?

Our program consists of the following components:

  • An introductory presentation on Bikas Udhyami and our work
  • A demonstration of the Nepal in Data Portal 
  • An interactive session allowing students/teachers to try out the different features of the portal
  • A Question and Answer Session during which we answer any questions you and your fellow students/teachers may have
  • Ways to get involved and collaborate with us

The program is flexible and we can customize it according to the specific needs of your college or university.


Do you want us to come and visit your college or university? Send us a message on facebook or email us at

How can I be further involved?

For interested students, we also offer the opportunity to become a Nepal in Data Ambassador to further help promote the portal among students and teachers. Responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the portal among your fellow students and teachers and answering questions they may have regarding the portal
  • Together with our team, visiting other colleges and universities to promote the portal
  • Supporting us in the organization of other special promotion and outreach events among young people

In return, your Ambassador profile will feature on our Nepal in Data website and facebook page, you get to meet other young data enthusiasts and an opportunity to work with and learn from our Nepal in Data team which you can put on your CV.

Email us at if you are interested.