Nepal Unlikely to be Self-Reliant on Fruits Within Next 10 Years: Report

January 04, 2018

New Business Age, 4 Jan 2018 

Although the government has implemented the ‘Fruit Decade Strategy 2073’ with an aim to make the country self-reliant on fruits, the government is unlikely to meet its goal anytime soon.

The Ministry of Agriculture Development has set a target to make the country self-reliant on fruits by fiscal year 2082/83 BS. However, a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Supplies shows that Nepal is unlikely to meet the target within the timeframe.

The survey report has estimated that the total demand of the country for fruits will be 276,800 metric tons by FY 2082/83. However, the report states that the production of fruits within the country will be only 88,000 metric tons, informed a source at the Ministry of Supplies.

According to the report, the demand for fruits in tarai alone will be 139,129 metric tons by FY 2082/83 while the production will be 58,208 metric tons. Likewise, it is estimated that the demand for fruits will be 124,596 metric tons in the hill region but the total production will be just 11,709.

However, the mountainous region of Nepal will be self-reliant on fruit production by 2082/83. According to the report, the demand for fruits in the mountainous region will be 13,029 metric tons while the production is estimated to be 18,600 metric tons.

The ministry made such projection upon studying the demand and supply conditions of the last five years in five different parts of the country.