New bill proposes to protect a woman’s right on her body

August 09, 2018

Kathmandu Post, 9 Aug 2018

The Bill on Safe Motherhood and Right on Reproductive Health registered at the Parliament Secretariat on Wednesday proposes imposing three-month prison term and Rs 50,000 fine on anyone compelling a woman to use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

The bill based on a citizen’s fundamental rights ensures that women have every right on their body. The bill would get legal status after the Federal Parliament endorses.

The first of its kind bill allows 98-day maternity leave and 15-day paternity paid leave.

If a pregnant woman feels has health issues, an additional one month of paid leave could to be granted. Currently the leave is for three-months.

This provision wouldl be applicable in all the government, non-government and private organisations.

The bill also has a provision to have a designated place for breast-feeding in every office.

Abortion only after the consent of pregnant woman until 12-weeks of pregnancy while it can be up to 18-weeks pregnancy in case of one becomes pregnant after rape or incest.

The bill ensures free medical facility to every pregnant woman from her first day of pregnancy up to delivery.