NRA urges quake survivors to collect 2nd batch of aid on time

September 21, 2017

National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Chief Executive Officer Govind Raj Pokharel has called on the earthquake survivors to acquire second instalment of reconstruction grant by mid-January 2018 for avoiding procedural hassles. 

Quake survivors completing construction up to DPC (Damp Proof Course) level in compliance with the guideline set by the government are eligible to obtain the second tranche of rebuilding aid, Pokharel said.


In the third week of July, the authority had designated a time frame for obtaining reconstruction grants to ensure timely progress. 

As per the deadline set by the authority, the beneficiaries are required to sign an agreement with the government and collect the first tranche by mid-November 2017. 

Those who have received the first installment of aid by mid-January 2016 should collect the second tranche by mid-January 2017, and those who receive the first tranche by mid-November 2017 are required to collect the second tranche by mid-April 2018. 

Beneficiaries who receive the second tranche of aid by mid-January 2018 should collect the third tranche by mid-June 2018, and those obtaining the second tranche by mid-January 2017 should collect the third tranche by mid-July 2018. 

“I urge you all [quake survivors] to seek technical support from engineers, complete the steps prescribed by the government and apply for the second tranche,” Pokharel said, while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the newly-constructed buildings of Shree Bhwaneshwari Basic School in Aapghari, Kavre, on Wednesday. The NRA chief informed the gathering that the reconstruction of schools have picked up pace in recent months. 

According to official records, 2,456 education institutions have been rebuilt while 1,601 are under construction. 

A lack of qualified human resources had been a big challenge in the post-quake reconstruction which was only compounded by recent exodus of trained hands for foreign jobs, Pokharel pointed out, urging the locals in Aapghari to support the government bid. 

“We need to work together for completing this task on time. Not just the local people, but the institutions too are encouraged to join hands with the government in helping the quake survivors,” he said. 

Communication process was another major issue hindering the reconstruction drive, Pokharel said, referring to the recent dispute over incentives to field engineers. However, he expects the decision of NRA executive committee to provide an additional monthly allowance between Rs1,000 and Rs1,500 to engineers based on their survey location would help in completing the task on time.