Only one woman fields candidacy for local body chief in Jajarkot

May 08, 2017

My Republica, Janak KC, 8th May 2017, Jajarkot

To the chagrin of women activists advocating women empowerment, despite the legal provision allowing women to stand for the election freely, only one woman has filed her candidacy for the post of chief of the local body in Jajarkot.

At a time when the main parties purporting to be a proponent of social inclusion were fielding only men for mayoral posts, Rastriya Prajatantra Party(RPP) set forth Shuva Shahi,39, as the mayoral candidate for Bheri Municipality, the largest municipality.

The only female mayoral candidate in the district, Shahi argues that since she is the only female candidate, she will get help from all sides.

There are four Rural Municipalities and three Municipalities in Jajarkot.