Rs 300 m sought to make city dust-free

April 12, 2017

The Himalayan Times, Himalayan News Service,12th April 2017, Kathmandu

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has demanded a sum of Rs 300 million from the Ministry of Finance to procure dust-minimising equipment and tree-planting machines to make city dust free.

As per the KMC’s new action plan, which was made public on March 31, KMC has begun the process of importing dust-minimising equipment and tree planting machines.

The Office of the KMC said it had already forwarded the demand to the Finance Ministry through the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development. “Though the KMC had demanded Rs 300 million, the Finance Ministry agreed to allocate Rs 200 million without any delay.” Spokesperson of KMC Gyanendra Karki told The Himalayan Times, “KMC is all set to begin the tender process once it gets the budget from the ministry.”

He said KMC has plans to import five road broomers, two tree-planting machines and five water tanks at the earliest. Among them, broomers and water tanks are for solving the problem of dust pollution and tree planting machines for planting big trees on the banks of the river.

It is said the process of opening tenders will take one-and-a-half months after getting the budget and another one-and-a-half months to bring those equipment. “Altogether it may take at least three months if everything goes accordingly,” Spokesperson Karki added.

Last month, newly appointed executive officer of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Eshor Raj Poudel had proposed to buy 10 road broomers to clean the dusty Kathmandu roads within three months. Amid a programme named ‘Kathmandu Metropolitan City Immediate Improvement’ on March 31 at Rastriya Sabha Griha, Poudel disclosed his action plan for the improvement of KMC at the earliest.

According to the new action plan, garbage collection system has been proposed before sunrise in the wee hours along with the procurement of 10 broomers to clean the capital’s dusty roads.

“With the purchase of broomers, I had proposed a schedule-wise provision to clean the roads of Kathmandu to keep them neat and clean,” He had said, explaining the KMC’s action Plan, “KMC will begin big species tree plantation along the river banks of Kathmandu within six months.”

Environment Protection Committee of the Parliament last month instructed Melamchi Water Supply Project to spray water and apply possible measures to reduce dust pollution in areas where water pipelines are being installed in Kathmandu Valley.

The Melamchi project is currently digging trenches and laying pipes for distribution of drinking water, increasing dust pollution in Kathmandu Valley.

The Project Implementation Directorate said it had adopted best practices to prevent pollution. Debris remaining after backfilling and compaction work is a major source of suspended particulate matter in the air.

As a preventive measure, the project is encouraging contractors to lay pipes along busy roads during night time.