Sunsari has sound food security status

March 30, 2017

My Republica, 30th March 2017, Inaruwa

The status of food security in Sunsari district has been found to be positive as per the district food security status assessment report. 

The district produces food grains worth around Rs 6 billion annually. The District Agricultural Development Office, Sunsari stated that the situation of food security in the district is sound and positive

The overall situation of food security in the district in terms of the production of paddy, wheat, legumes and oilseeds is strong and positive, and the annual production of these crops is increasing, Office chief Raj Kant Jha said. 

Jha said that farmers earned approximately Rs 3.25 billion from the sale of paddy, winter vegetables, mustard, potato, sugarcane, banana and fish until mid-March of the current fiscal year. 
Similarly, they earned approximately Rs 2.34 billion from meat, milk and egg. The report showed that the inflow of remittance from foreign employment in the district is around Rs 6.44 billion in the last four months. 

According to the report, a survey carried out in every rural municipality and municipality in the district showed that 80 percent of the households have enough food lasting the entire year while 20 percent households have normal food security status. 

However, it is stated that 2.7 percent children in the district suffer from malnutrition due to the lack of balanced food despite the positive food security status.