Temporary police deployment in two phases of elections to cost govt Rs 2.52 billion

November 06, 2017

Rewati Sapokota, The Himalayan Times, 6 Nov 2017

The government will spend  Rs 2.52 billion for  98,268 temporary police personnel who will be deployed during the provincial and parliamentary polls slated for November 26 and December 7. The amount will be disbursed through the Ministry of Home Affairs.

According to an MoHA document, the government will spend Rs 1,693,157,640 on salaries of the temporary police personnel, Rs 343,938,000 on their meals, Rs 98,268,000 on their travel allowance and Rs 393,072,000 on their uniform.

A temporary cop will receive a salary of Rs 17,230 for 55 days of work, along with food and local travel allowance on a par with Nepal Police personnel.

Each temporary cop will get  Rs 1,000 to cover travel expenses to the polling centre, Rs 250 per day as special allowance, Rs 250 per week for meals and Rs 4,000 for uniform.

The government has also made provision to compensate the kin of temporary police personnel in case they are killed or injured during elections.

According to the home ministry’s policy, if a temporary cop is killed during election, his/her family will receive Rs 1.5 million. In case, a temporary cop sustains injuries during elections, s/he will get free treatment worth Rs 150,000.

Temporary police personnel will be a part of the security forces providing security during polls.

As many as 15,427,935 voters will vote in 10,671 polling stations and 19,809 polling centres in both phases of provincial and parliamentary elections.

Budget breakdown

  • Number of temporary police personnel: 98,268
  • Amount to be spent on their salaries: Rs 1,693,157,640
  • Amount to be spent on food and breakfast: Rs 343,938,000
  • Travel allowance: Rs 98,268,000
  • Amount to be spent on uniform: Rs 393,072,000
  • Total: Rs 2,528,435,640