Tilganga Eye Hospital to Produce 700,000 lens annually

January 04, 2018

New Business Age, 3 Jan 2018 

Tilganga Eye Hospital is all set to produce 700,000 lens annually from 2018. At present, the hospital has been exporting excess of lens to foreign countries after fulfilling the demand within the country. The hospital has been producing lens since 1995 and has been exporting lens from the very first year it started manufacturing the lens.

The hospital decided to increase the production of lens due to increase in demand from foreign countries, informed Bhagirath Bania, administration chief of the hospital.

He claimed that the lens produced by the hospital are considered among the best in the world.

The hospital had exported 263,000 pairs of lens in the year 2016. The number of lens the hospital exported in 2015 was 158,000 and it was 219,000 in 2014. At present, 60 percent of lens manufactured by the hospital are exported, according to Bania.

“It is a matter of pride that Nepal has been exporting lens to more than 50 countries at a time when the country is importing every other essentials,” said Bania.

According to the hospital’s marketing manager Santosh Kumar Sharma, most of the lens are sold to countries like China, Pakistan, South Africa, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

“We are preparing to enhance our capacity as there has been an increase in demand for our products,” said Sharma.

Tilganga Eye Hospital has been manufacturing two types of intraocular lens – PMMA and foldable lenses. PMMA lens are prepared using old technology while the foldable lens are made using modern technology, informed Sharma. As the eye power differs from person to person, the hospital has to manufacture 100 different sub-categories of lens under these two categories.