Training for Myadis from today

October 29, 2017

The Kathmandu Post, 29 Oct 2017

The Nepal Police Headquarters and its subordinate units across the country have finalised the names of over 98,000 temporary police for deployment in the lead up to the upcoming elections. 

A 12-day training for the Myadis will begin on Sunday before they are mobilised on the ground for the purpose.  

The first phase of federal and provincial elections under the first-past-the-post category is scheduled to take place on November 26 in 32 districts, while the second-round polls will be held on December 7.

The highest number of the temporary recruits has been in Province 2 where 22,156 personnel have been hired. According to police headquarters, Province 2 is deemed the most sensitive province for the upcoming elections, primarily because of the porous border with India and activities of armed outfits.  

“The Myadis will undergo basic exercise and will be orientated on the chain of command and their functions,” said DIG Neupane. “All the police units across the country will run the training programme beginning from Sunday.”

The Myadis are required to live nearby the police stations so that they can attend the training each day. The district police offices with adequate space have been keeping the temporary police inside the facility.

According to security plans, Nepal Police will hold the command inside the polling stations and booths while the Armed Police Force will be deputed as back-up support. The Army will be mobilised in the peripheral areas of the voting stations.

The salary for the Myadis is equal to that of the police constable, with each new recruit being promised additional benefits. They will serve for 55 days and get a monthly salary of Rs17,230. Besides, they will be provided Rs250 as special daily allowance and Rs250 a day in food allowance for a week.

They will have medical insurance coverage of up to Rs150,000. If a temporary recruit dies in the line of duty, their next to kin will get Rs1.5 million in compensation.

The trainees will also get Rs4,000 each for uniform. During the local level elections, the failure to decide on the dress and delay in paying the personnel had affected Myadis’ deployment across the country.