Works begin to set up state parliament, govt agencies in Province 6

November 29, 2017

Janak Nepal/ Prakash Adhikari, The Kathmandu Post, 29 Nov 2017 

A taskforce formed by the Mid Western Regional Administration Office here is preparing to repair and refurbish the existing government buildings to set up Provincial Parliament Hall and offices of provincial government agencies once the country fully adopts the federal set-up by electing the members of federal parliament and provincial assemblies.

The auditorium at the Educational Training Centre  in Birendranagar is set to be converted into the Provincial Parliament Hall of Province-6 while other buildings in the facility shall be turned into offices for speaker, deputy speaker and parliamentary parties, among others, said Keshav Prasad Upadhaya, coordinator of the Provincial Building Management Taskforce.

The taskforce has asked for Rs 10 million to get the project started.  An estimated Rs 60 million will be needed to repair and renovate 20 buildings to set up the offices for provincial government agencies and officials.

“We need microphones, sofa and sound system to establish the office of Provincial Assembly immediately,” said Upadhaya.

There will be 40-member Provincial Assembly including 24 from the first-past-the-post (FPTP) category and 16 from the proportional representation (PR) in Province 6. The building of the Regional Administration Office has been proposed as the office of Chief Minister while the building of the Regional Forest Directorate and Training Centre is going to be converted into the office of Provincial Chief.

“The regional offices will too be dissolved soon after the country adopts federal set-up. We plan to use those buildings as ministry offices,” said Upadhaya.  “We have enough infrastructure to establish Provincial offices in Birendranagar.” 

According to the legal provision, the Provincial Assembly meeting has to be held after 30 days of completion of elections. 

Suresh Pradhan, mid western regional administrator, said they are going to manage the building to organise the Provincial Assembly meeting by the end of December.

“The taskforce has made preparations to use the regional offices for Provincial government agencies,” said Pradhan.

The taskforce has also separated seven to 10 buildings for ministry, Minster quarters and residential buildings for high-level officials.